Democratic Front of Montenegro will continue to fight against NATO membership

The opposition in Montenegro unanimously decided to boycott the local elections in Niksic, scheduled for March 12. This decision was made in protest against the political trial against the deputies from the Democratic Front (DF) Andrija Mandic and Milan Knežević. DF, Democratic Montenegro, Demos, civil movement URA, the Social Democrats and the Socialist People’s Party refused to participate in the elections after the Mandic and Knežević were deprived of parliamentary immunity.
Andrija Mandic said that the prosecution was launched in order to weaken the Democratic Front. He added that he wants to raise the question about the legitimacy of the removal from parliamentary immunity.
According to experts, “political repressions of the party’s activists, cause an outrage and show a panic of some party leaders because of their policy”. Pro-Western forces are fighting Montenegrin opposition and using their power to manipulate the society. Leaders are blackened with the help of Mass Media and government agencies not providing any proof. They are accused of corruption and attempt to disrupt the elections in October 2016.
Now the main purpose of the regime in Podgorica is to push through a decision of the country’s membership in NATO without consulting the citizens. The opposition stands against. Its members are ready to hold a referendum where observers from Europe and the United States will be invited. That is the main reason of severe persecution.
“The Democratic Front” will continue its struggle with the support of the majority of the population. We will do our best to initiate a national referendum on NATO membership. Montenegrin citizens have the right to express in a democratic atmosphere their will. Do they want Montenegro to became a NATO member or not”, – Andrija Mandic said.

By Milko Pejovic