EXCLUSIVE: Unreleased Documents from Osama Bin Laden’s Archive!

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The personal diary of Osama Bin Laden has been released by the CIA, along with the list of bizarre things on his personal computer found in his compound in 2011.

However, not all documents found on that occasion are released by the CIA.

Here you will find some of those unreleased documents from Osama Bin Laden’s archives followed by his personal remarks:

My favorite US Democrat

Kosovo Albanians are my favorite jihad soldiers in the ISIS in Syria and Iraq

My favorite film-maker company: 20 Century Fox

Why Americans hate me and my Al-Qaeda?

A global map of Al-Qaeda’s terror interventions – top secret!

Zbig and me, Afghanistan 1980-02-03. Nice old time with my best frend from White House!

My favorite cap for golf-playing

Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1994. My Mujahedeens with captured Serb. Soon he was killed

New York, 2001-09-11. Good job done in full collaboration with MOSAD and CIA. We together performed it very well

My favorite bestseller. It helps me to learn how to become a global gangster

A Headquarters of Talibans in the 1980s. Today it is a Headquarters of the ISIS

How we became “terrorists”

Al-Qaeda’s birthday, Washington, D.C., White House, 1985