The Demolition of U.S. Global Power

Donald Trump’s Road to Debacle in the Greater Middle East […]

The Lie of the 21st Century: How Mainstream Media “Fake News” Led to the U.S. Invasion of Iraq

The New York Times admittance that their journalistic principals had failed was too little and too late […]

Sixteenth Anniversary of the Attack on Yugoslavia: Expulsion of Roma from Kosovo

Once NATO’s 1999 war on Yugoslavia came to an end, units of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) poured across the border […]

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin Honors in Kremlin Afghan Mujahedin Fighters

The photo evidence of truth […]

Was Srebrenica a Hoax? Eye-Witness Account of a Former United Nations Military Observer in Bosnia

The Muslims not only refused to fight to defend themselves, they forced others to fight on their behalf […]

Five Times Corporate Media got Caught Publishing “Fake News” Causing the Death and Suffering of Millions

President George W. Bush decided to unleash the full force of the U.S. military upon the world in a new policy of war writ large disguised as a war on terrorism following the attacks of September 11, 2001 […]

The Entire Mainstream Warmongering Media is Fake

Following 9/11, a paper-thin cover for expansion into Afghanistan was proffered upon the American population, when Afghanistan had no connection to 9/11 or Iraq […]

John Fire Lame Deer to the American people

What one native American can tell you […]

The Illyrians: Autochthonous Balkan People having Nothing Common with Modern Albanians

This historical fact is recognized even by objective Albanian historians, who are not under the political pressure by the ruling regime in Tirana, like Stefano Pollo and Arben Puto […]

Edward S. Herman (ed.), The Srebrenica Massacre: Evidence, Context, Politics (PDF Book)

Srebrenica as another side of the truth […]

Lithuania’s alleged involvement in Maidan contradicts supposed European values

Lithuania’s alleged involvement in Maidan contradicts supposed European values […]

The West vs Russia: Towards the End of a Pax Americana?

A new policy of international relations adopted by Moscow after 2000 is based on a principle of a globe without hegemonic leadership […]