Koszovó Csomója (1999)

2020-12-26 Policraticus 0

A szerb hadsereg az elsô balkáni háborúban, 1912-ben vonult be Koszovóba, amely akkor még a török birodalom tartománya volt, nagyjából fele-fele részben mohamedán vallásra áttért albán, illetve ortodox szerb népességgel […]

US Complicity in Gaza Massacre

2020-12-26 Policraticus 0

The horrendous bloodshed this week in Gaza is directly related to US President Trump’s controversial decision to relocate the American embassy to the contested city of Jerusalem […]

Operation Paperclip: Nazi Science goes West

2020-12-21 Policraticus 0

The bleak truth is that a careful review of the activities of the CIA and the organizations from which it sprang reveals an intense preoccupation with the development of techniques of behavior control, brainwashing, and covert medical and psychic experimentation on unwitting subjects including religious sects, ethnic minorities, prisoners, mental patients, soldiers and the terminally ill […]

The Arctic Ocean is a Russian Lake

2020-12-16 Policraticus 0

Most of the Arctic is frozen most of the time and icebreaker ships are necessary. According to this list of operational icebreakers, Canada has six, the USA four, Denmark three, Norway two. Russia has more than seventy […]

Russophobia Vulgaris: A la Lietuva

2020-12-12 Policraticus 0

The carriers of this virus are not only military professionals, politicians and media warriors on a payroll, but Western academic institutions as well. Lithuania is one example where an academic institution prioritizes political aims to the scientific values and even moral norms […]

White Lies and Black Disbelief in a Fading Empire

2020-12-07 Policraticus 0

On the Saturday morning after the bombs fell in Damascus and Homs, Omalii Yeshitela, chairman of the Black Is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations, held a press conference in St. Louis to denounce Washington’s aggression […]

NATO to Plan Invasion of China

2020-12-05 Policraticus 0

NATO’s third invasion was of Kosovo, when “On 13 April 1999, NATO approved plans for Operation Allied Harbour, a 10,000-troop NATO deployment to support humanitarian relief efforts for refugees resulting from the Serb expulsion of ethnic Albanians from Kosovo” […]

Lithuania’s Museum of Holocaust Denial

2020-12-02 Policraticus 0

That falsification needs to disappear before the next million visitors are misled. This is all a grave injustice to the delightful, hard-working, tolerant, and economically long-suffering citizens of the country, who all deserve better […]