Syria and the Project to Balkanize the Middle East

A coalition of the US, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf states, Turkey and Israel exploited those initial challenges to the Syrian regime, seeing them as an opening. They did not do so to help democracy activists but to advance their own, largely shared agendas […]

Why the United States’ Use of Force Against Syria Violates International Law

In 2001, the US government attacked Afghanistan destroying the country and leaving it in shambled to this day. In 2003, the US government attacked Iraq leaving it devastated. Together a reliably estimated 3 million people died because of these two illegal uses of force […]

Yet Another President Commits the Ultimate War Crime of Launching a “War of Aggression”

After initially denying these bombings, the US military eventually acknowledged them but claimed that they were collateral damage, not targeted attacks on the sites — the stock excuse for such US atrocities […]

“The Civilized World” Strikes Again: Donald Trump, a Complete Puppet of the Military Industrial Complex

As for the chemical attacks, if one does use some rationality, meaning who benefits from it, the answer is definitely not Assad, and Assad should not be mistaken for either stupid or irrational […]