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The website is Dr. Vladislav B. Sotirović’s official private web platform presentation […]

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Books in English language by Vladislav B. Sotirovic published by different publishing houses. Thematic scope of the books are... Read More →

INTERVIEW: “The US vs. Russia: A New Age of Global (In)Security”

Was the international optimism in the immediate aftermath of the end of cold war era regarding the realization of the idea of the “end of history” misplaced or overestimated? Have we been witnessing a process of power diffusion or more power transition in recent years especially after 2008? And what have been the implications of this process? These and other related and relevant questions have been answered by MR. professor Dr. VLADISLAV B. SOTIROVIC in an interview with our Magazine (Gulan Magazine), Dr. SOTIROVIC is professor at Mykolas Romeris University, Institute of Political Sciences, Vilinius, Lithuania. And this is the text of the interview […]

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