Holodomor in the United States

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Yet another scandal is exploding on the Internet. The administration of free encyclopedia Wikipedia removed an article by a Russian researcher, devoted to assessing the loss of US citizens as a result of the Great Depression of 1932-33. Outraged bloggers began mass distribution of articles in the Russian segment of the popular blogging service Live journal. The material led to heated debates, while the so-called historical flash mob continues.

Russian researcher Boris Borisov touched a really hot topic in his material on the estimated number of victims of the American Great Depression, which in turn, apparently caused a very strong reaction among Wikipedia moderators as well as heightened activity coming from Russian-speaking bloggers. Based on the analysis of statistical data in the article called “The American Holodomor“, Borisov estimated the number of victims of the financial crisis in the US as more than 7 million people and was the first researcher to directly compare the incident in the US in 1932-33 to the 1932-33 Holodomor in the USSR.

“If US statistics are true, in the ten years from 1931 to 1940, the US lost in terms of population growth dynamics as much as 8,553,000 people; moreover, the population statistics increase to twice what they were the year before, on the turn of 1930 / 31, then fall and freeze at this level for exactly ten years … There is no explanation found in this enormous, hundreds of pages long text of Statistical Abstract of the United States” prepared by the US Department of commerce,” says B. Borisov. Few people know … about five million American farmers (about a million families) at exactly the same time driven away by the banks because of the land debts, but not backed up by the US government with the land, nor work, nor social assistance, nor pension – nothing whatsoever,” the author continues.

Of course, different opinions may arise over these words. It is unlikely that Washington will agree with these allegations, presenting their own point of view, as always confirmed by the official statistics. However, the official version, under orders from the White House, could be tossed around to fit the situation for Washington, and always provide the one that is needed today.

And therefore we will not wait for this rigged information from Washington and just look at it ourselves and see what is happening today in the US, not according to the official answers, controlled by the White House, but to the reports of the US media.

For example, recently, the US news site AlterNet has published excerpts from a new report dedicated to the social and economic problems of the 22 American cities. The Conference of Mayors of the cities in the US [inde