Documentary Movie “Ukraine: The Masks of the Revolution” (2016, by Paul Moreira)

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NAZI Ukrainian soldiers

Last movie by famous French movie maker Paul Moreira on Canal+ (France) broadcasted 01/02/2016.

Some French citizens are now shocked after discovering the truth about the Odessa massacre and the Euromaidan bloody coup in 2013/2014.

Interview to Paul Moreira:

Preview screening on January, 20th 2016 at FIPA Biarritz 29th edition, selected out of competition in Reportages and Investigation – Panorama of Creation category.


Without them, there would have been no Ukrainian revolution.

In February 2014, paramilitary groups fought against the police in the streets of Kyev and ousted President Yanukovych. They settled a new government.

According to the western media, they were the revolution heroes. They fought on the right side. Which is actually extreme-right militias. And they are now heavily armed. The