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Established in April 2014

The centre is covering the research gaps uncovered by global Western hoax mainstream media platforms and academic teaching & research institutions.

This is an alternative information & academic research digest platform with the purpose to offer an alternative “another side of the truth”.

The centre is an independent, private, nonprofitable and free of any influence by any institution, organization, government or pressure group.

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Founder, Director, Editor-in-Chief, publisher & website’s owner: Prof. Dr Vladislav B. Sotirović.

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The centre’s headquarters is in Ovsishte, Central Serbia, Europe.

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МЗ Овсиште

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34310 Топола, Шумадија

Serbia, Europe

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Updated on 2018-03-29

Global politics is when a white man sends a black man 20.000 km. far away from home to kill a yellow man, while at home this white man is living on the land occupied from a red man.