Atlantic Empire

Independence and Self-Determination: Weapons for Empire Building or National Liberation?

The quest for a unipolar empire set in motion a series of wars and ethnic conflicts […]

Syrian Strikes are ‘Legal’ – But Only According to the ‘Law of the Jungle’

The full extent of the damage to international peace and security caused by the US-led Syrian strikes will take some time to become clear. But its impact on the very concept of legality in international affairs is already evident […]

President Trump: Just Another Con Man Riding a Trojan Horse

As Trump’s chief military advisor and confidant, retired Lt. General Michael Flynn who has been a highly visible supporter on Trump’s campaign trail is most likely in line for National Security Advisor […]

Democrats are Now the Aggressive War Party

The Democratic Party has moved from being what you might call a reluctant war party to an aggressive war party with its selection of Hillary Clinton as its presumptive presidential nominee […]

Impending Threat to Canadian Democracy: Harper Government’s “Anti-Terrorism Act”

Canadians need to tell this government, and this prime minister, that we are not intimidated on either count […]

America’s Myth of a Peaceful Nation

We are a peaceful nation, claimed Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson in an interview with Katie Couric late last year […]

Trump’s National Security Strategy: The Return of “Great Power” Military Conflict

Above all, however, the text departs from previous NSS documents in its open embrace of nuclear war as a viable option […]

Democratic Shaking Hands with Kosovostan’s War Criminal

Shaking Hands With a War Criminal […]