Lithuania: War Hero or Nazi Collaborator? “General Storm” Resisted the Soviets but What did he do to the Jews?

Vilnius trial will see whether Jonas Noreika was whitewashed by Lithuania’s Genocide and Resistance Research Center; his granddaughter says he did his best to help Nazis kill Jews […]

Breaking the Constitution: Lithuania Seeks the Permanent Presence of the U.S. Troops on its Territory

To obey the Law, respect the rights guaranteed by the Constitution are the main responsibilities of the Lithuanian legislative branch. I do not want Lithuania would go down in history as the country that provoked a war due to lack of political wisdom […]

Who will Secure Lithuania?

Let’s take Lithuania as an example. This small country with reach history and with immensely kind and open people last few weeks falls into the center of world attention mainly in connection with military affairs: rotational U.S. Army troops arrival, participating in NATO drills, United States F-22 Raptor stealth aircraft’s landing in Lithuania at Šiauliai Airbase and so on and so forth […]

Nuclear Weapons in Lithuania: Defence against Russia or Target for Terrorists?

But there is the other side of the coin. In case of deploying nuclear warheads on the territory of the Baltic States they automatically turn to the attractive targets for terrorism […]

Emergence of “Right Sector” in Lithuania?

The Lithuanian Riflemen’ Union is a telling example. Established in 1919, the Union has become very popular in the past few years; its number has grown significantly. Now it has around 8,000 members up from 6,000 two years ago […]

Baltic States Sacrifice Economy on Altar of Politics

The trouble is Russia responds not only with words but with real actions. The last example is the Moscow’s decision to develop the capacity and infrastructure at own ports in order to re-direct export cargos away from the ports of the Baltic states […]

As Holocaust Memories Fade, Nazi Glorification must be Resisted

A recent survey by The Azrieli Foundation showed an alarming 52% of Canadian millennials cannot name even one concentration camp and 62% did not know six million Jews were killed in the Holocaust […]

Baltics cannot Rely on Germany any more

Critics are sure of incompetence of the Federal Minister of Defence, Ursula von der Leyen. Though she has occupied the upper echelons of German politics for 14 years now — and shows no sign of success […]

Lithuanian Judge Postpones Trial over Reputation of Deceased Nazi Collaborator

The case is thought to be the first in which civil servants intend to publicly defend in court the actions and good name of an alleged collaborator. Lawyers representing the museum said they needed more time to review materials relevant to the case, which involves the late Jonas Noreika […]

In Lithuania, some Nazi Killers are also Heroes

Only those individuals tried and found guilty in their lifetimes may be considered guilty, all others are considered to be completely innocent […]

Lietuva Tėvine mūsų!

JAV marionetinių režimų Ukrainoje, Lenkijoje, Lietuvoje, Latvijoje, Estijoje paranojiškai isteriški spygavimai apie “Rusijos agresiją” yra tik nevykęs cirko klounų vaidinimas, kuriuo siekiama nukreipti dėmesį nuo tikrovės, nuo realių JAV-NATO karo nusikaltėlių gaujos vykdomų pasiruošimų karinei agresijai prieš Rusiją, nuo JAV-NATO karo nusikaltėlių gaujos puolamosios ginkluotės, šarvuotos technikos, sunkiosios artilerijos, gyvosios jėgos telkimo Rusijos pasienyje, karinės infrastruktūros plėtimo Pabaltijo valstybėse, Lenkijoje, Ukrainoje ir Pabaltijo šalys, šiose šalyse vykdomo kosminio mąsto smegenų plovimo, karo propagandos, tautinės neapykantos rusams kurstymo, vietinių gyventojų sąmonės militarizavimo […]