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The Idea of Pan-Slavic Ethnolinguistic Kinship and Reciprocity in Dalmatia and Croatia, 1477–1706

This paper sets out to examine and clarify the historical development of the ideological concept of Pan-Slavism, which was created by the writers of Dalmatia and Croatia at the time of the late Renaissance and early Baroque (from the end of the 15th century to the very beginning of the 18th century). The literary works of that time by many of Dalmatia’s and Croatia’s writers deal with the ethnolinguistic aspect of Pan-Slavic unity, solidarity, kinship and reciprocity […]

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Two War Photographs: Bosnia vs. Vietnam

The regular US Army invaded and occupied part of Vietnam in the 1960-1970s committing terrible crimes of genocide against the local civilians. A total death toll of civilian population in the North Vietnam is 587.000 […]

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