Albanian Organized Crime in UK and Mainstream Media


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The anti Serbian hysteria, ignorance, corrupted officials, media and  public is something the British have to take consequences for.  The consequences are: blooming criminal,  narco business, robberies, theft, prostitution, kidnappings, radicalism, terrorism and other criminal officially supported (and) by Great Britain activities. But only while on Serbian soil. The Serbs were not allowed to defend their state form the criminals; there were NATO bombs to support Neonazi regime(s) in Croatia, radical Islamists in Bosnia and Islamofascists Albanian quasi state Kosovo, built on drug trade, prostitution and Serbian harvested organs.

Since Albanians were not happy with ‘Kosovo’ state anymore, and after they destroyed all what Serbia and Yugoslavia have been building and finansing during more than half a century, they decided to go to their confirmed friends and patrons, whose personification became former UK PM Tony Blair, whose name became extremely popular among young Albanian parents: Tony Blair (or Tonibler, Albanian ‘version’).

So they went to UK.

After arriving to UK, they continued  with the same type of ‘business’ they developed in ‘Kosovo’ and Albania.  Means, they behave the same way they did in Serbia and Yugoslavia (Except didn’t ask for independence, but, hey, since they flee ‘Kosovo’ en masse, it’s only a question of time).

But what happens now?

Manchester Evening News reports:

Police investigating suspected Albanian drug gang raid 17 homes across Greater Manchester  – 

Police investigating a gang of Albanians suspected of cocaine dealing have raided 17 homes across Greater Manchester this morning.

They executed search warrants at addresses in Manchester, Salford and Traffordbefore dawn.

It is believed a number of arrests have been made.

The investigation centres on a group of mostly Albanian nationals suspected of trafficking cocaine into the north west.

Officers from Greater Manchester Police carried out the raids along with immigration officials from the Home Office, etc.

This is a few days old report concerning organized crime. And looks who’s there again – the Albanians.

“Gang of Albanians held on suspicion of cocaine smuggling and trafficking after drugs raid – A GANG of 21 Albanians were in custody last night on suspicion of cocaine smuggling and human trafficking.”

The last paragraph is significant: “This week it was revealed that taxpayers are footing a £110million bill to house a record number of eastern European criminals in our jails.”

Albanian nation is impossible to separate from crime. Another article about Albanian contribution to UK society (almost)  hits the nail:

“But it is Albanian gangs – known as the Mafia Shqiptare – that are causing particular concern. The gangs are said to have been brutalised by the conflicts in the Balkans in the 1990s and sit on worldwide trade routes for guns, drugs and women. The Mafia Shqiptare are believed to have taken over the sex trade in London’s Soho district and even reduced the power of the feared Italian Mafia in their own areas”.

Stephen Whitelock, a Detective Chief Superintendent with the SCDEA, said: “We are noting the emergence of a number of crime groups from other countries operating in Scotland. “The Albanians are here now. Some of the individuals concerned are known to be capable of extreme violence.”

“Albanian serious and organised crime groups have been know to be involved in prostitution, arms and drugs. They have been flagged up in our mapping exercise.”

He added: “We have a list of the top 20% most serious organised crime groups and, each o