Kosovostan – Islamization of EuroChristian Kosovo: Photo Evidence

Photo evidence of a rapid Islamization of EuroChristian southern province of the Republic of Serbia – Kosovo-Metochia.

The province is occupied by NATO gangsters in June 1999 and since that time the province is experiencing massive destruction of Serbian Christian Orthodox churches and monasteries followed by building of new mosques by Muslim Albanians.

Financial support for Islamization of Kosovo-Metochia is of three sources: 1) Muslim Albanian diaspora living & working in Western countries; 2) The Wahhabites of Saudi Arabia; and 3) Other Sunni Islamic countries especially Turkey.

During the last 15 years there were more built mosques than during 400 years of Ottoman rule in Kosovo-Metochia. This province is today transformed into Kosovostan.

Here we present only several photos of newly built up mosques in Kosovostan from June 1999 up today.

See the photo album of Islamization of Kosovo

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