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Linguistic Nationalism in Belgium and the Walloon-Flemish Cleavage

Belgium became independent in 1830 and its neutrality was guaranteed by the UK in 1839 in order to prevent possible annexations either by France or the Netherlands […]

Edward S. Herman (ed.), The Srebrenica Massacre: Evidence, Context, Politics (PDF Book)

Srebrenica as another side of the truth […]

The West vs Russia: Towards the End of a Pax Americana?

A new policy of international relations adopted by Moscow after 2000 is based on a principle of a globe without hegemonic leadership […]

Who will Miss Obama?

See who is missing and who is not missing Barack Obama as the US President? […]

British Imperial Project in Ukraine: Violent Coup, Fascist Axioms, Neo-Nazis (2014)

Uncovering the Western mainstream mass-media lies on Ukraine […]

The Surreal World: Macedonia

Our name and identity have been misappropriated, yet the US and their favourite foreign policy pupil, Greece, accuse Macedonians of cultural misappropriation for existing as who we’ve always been — Macedonians […]

NATO & the Humanitarian Dismemberment of Yugoslavia

By the year 2000, Yugoslavia had been ripped apart with NATO bombs, IMF restructuring and ethnic conflict. Serbia was destroyed and the rest of the republics were transformed into neocolonies of the Western powers […]

The Emergence of “Balkan Jihad” and Its Progress in the Region

Just south of the Serbian area of Raška Oblast is the Montenegrin part of Raška region, where, for example, Bijeljo Polje is some 60 to 80 percent Muslim […]

Poland and Ukraine: History of Break-Downs

Long before the notorious Nazi concentration camps where built in the Third Reich, Poland had acquired vast experience of getting rid of the dissenters who disagreed with the ruling regime […]

Orwell at the UN: Obama Re-Defines Democracy as a Country that Supports U.S. Policy

The game is out of America’s hands now. All it is able to do is wield the threat of “democracy” as a weapon of coups to turn recalcitrant countries into Libyans, Iraqis and Syrians […]

The Prosecution of Washington’s Kosovo Clients for War Crimes

This case is yet another shameful episode in which U.S. leaders have embraced thuggish geopolitical clients and portrayed them as committed democrats […]

A Collection of Thoughts about American Foreign Policy

Many ISIS leaders were former Iraqi military officers who were imprisoned by American troops […]

Countering NATO Propaganda on Russia: NATO Intervention in Afghanistan, Kosovo, Libya, Ukraine

The presidential elections in Ukraine were held in violation of Europe’s electoral standards. A large percentage of potential voters did not take part […]

America Now Preparing for World War III

Russia is being surrounded. In such circumstances, if Russia strikes first, its enemies are the ones to blame. One can only hope that ‘the West’ (the US and its stooge-aristocracies) will back down, and finally end its incredibly dangerous attempt to conquer Russia – before the whole world gets ‘conquered’ into nuclear rubble […]

New Israeli School Textbook Highlights Jewish Supremacy: Paints Palestinians as “Inferior”

The new text’s main aim is to perpetuate the Jewish superiority and the Palestinian Arab inferiority in Israel […]

Kosovo ISIL – A Photo Documentation

Kosovo ISIL – A Photo Documentation: A photo documentation of the destruction of (Serbian) Christianity in Kosovo from June 1999 up today. The Western colony of Kosovo is the main stronghold of radical Albanian jihad Islam at the Balkans, transformed into the first independent Balkan ISIL state protected by the Western gangsters of the USA, the NATO and the EU. Presented photo evidence is just an iceberg of the real destruction of Euro-Christianity in Kosovo by the barbaric Muslim Albanians who are also fighting in the Middle East as the jihad soldiers of ISIL – a creation of the US administration […]

Bill Clinton and Kosovo Albanian War Criminals

President Bill Clinton’s favorite freedom fighter just got indicted for mass murder, torture, kidnapping, and other crimes against humanity […]

Demonizing Russian Media

The senior politicians brought in as panelists come from all the Duma parties, not just the ruling United Russia […]

Understanding Genocide and our Remembrance as Greeks

In Asia Minor, also known as Anatolia— there were the Pontian Greeks who lived along the coast of the Black Sea, and the Thracians and the westernized Ionian Greeks, who lived along the seashore facing the Aegean […]

America’s Forgotten War with Mexico

America’s war of expansion over Mexico, backed by newspapers and politicians, has repercussions to the present day […]

Zbigniew Brzezinski – War Criminal Supreme

Brzezinski being Polish and his wife also being Eastern European is enough to explain his animosity toward Russia […]

Jamala’s 1944: Song for Nazi Tatars

In the summer of 1944, in Hungary, the remnants of the Crimean Tatar units were used to form the Tatar mountain-Jaeger SS Regiment, which was soon reorganized into the 1st Tatar mountain-Jaeger SS Brigade […]

Why the U.S. is a Major Human Rights Violator

The plea to the UN was led by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the U.S. Human Rights Network and included as signatories hundreds of groups representing Black, Brown, and Indigenous Peoples in the United States and around the world […]