Confronting the West With its Responsibilities is Essential!

The West has a black history in the middle east that must be recognised. In 1916, Arabs joined the allied forces but deceived.The victorious  western powers divided the region as they wished without any consideration to the peoples’ will. Then  completed  this crime by planting the state of Israel, which since day one spread state terrorism throughout the region.

The West supported Israel and defied the international law set by the West. Our part of the world continued to live in a climate of war, militarisation and tension because of this. In this respect, the West practised and still the most arrogant kind of hypocrisy in modern history.

The truth is entirely twisted.

The occupier is supported by the west, while those defending their home are considered terrorists. Which naturally led to negative consequences that it deprived the region of peace to be able to build its countries.It also promotes the culture of militarisation which naturally weakened the developing of civil societies.

The Americans used to boast that they did not occupy in the past an Arab or Muslim country. Then we saw Afghanistan and Iraq occupied by the USA using different excuses.

In 2003,  based on pure lies, Iraq besieged, and about half a million people died. Then America challenged the whole world and occupied Iraq and killed tens of thousands and created a climate of chaos yet to end. Finally, they said that their information about Iraqi weapons was wrong. Well, will they return the lives of those killed? Or will they compensate those hundreds of thousands who lost their loved ones? But the USA did nothing; they even did not issue an official apology for what they did.

We do not talk here about the Europian invasion in the 17 0r 18 century.

But instead about a policy practised in an era in which human rights concepts have developed profoundly. So what makes us wonder is how far the West is exempting itself from its responsibility for the crimes committed in our region. Which in my view has helped to prepare the climate for the current violence which strikes the Middle East? At the same time the west paradoxically plays the role of the judge by accusing a whole culture of being violent?  This is evident in the western media which agitated against Arabs and Muslim and created a wave of hatred towards them.

Even if we to count the loss of the west in the Islamic terrorism, we will find it peanuts compared with the western and Zionist state terror.

The problem that the west does not want to listen to the sound voice. And, insisted on ignoring the west responsibility in the crimes committed in the Middle East.

Ghadafi said once that either we are slaves to the west or enemies. Well, we do not want to be either .we seeks to live in peace without being terrorised by the west. And we aim to have a mutual relation in a peaceful climate which allows people on both sides to live in peace and harmony. We only want our rights, no more and no less.

I’m not saying that Arabs are not responsible towards where they end of internal fight and religion fanatics and senseless wars.

Arabs have proven stupidity and lack of tolerance towards each other, which is shameful, and a black page in Arab history.

It is essential to hold the West responsible so that the concept of the war on terror does not see from one angle. Killing humans is an act of terror whether the killer in uniform or civilian clothes.

In the meetings with intellectuals or officials in the West, they must be asked to recognise the moral responsibility. Countries like Iraq and Syria must use international law, and there is consistent evidence of intervention, incitement and support to criminal groups with weapons which is a violation of international law.


About the author.

Dr. Salim Nazzal, a Palestinian-Norwegian historian on the Middle East, He has written extensively on social and political issues in the region.

Source: Counter Currents

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