Month: July 2020

Human Rights Violations: North Korea vs the U.S.

It is a courageous small progressive nation trying to survive in a struggle where they are David confronting Goliath […]

Euromaidan: Anatomy of a Washington-Backed Coup D’etat

Part of the CIA’s mission since its creation has been to make the world free for US corporations. This means infiltrating, destabilizing and ‘opening up’ sovereign nations […]

What is the European Union for?

The decision to expand the EU and with it NATO right up to Russia’s borders, initially under the guidance and policies of the Clinton administration, was a clear indication that the governments of the EU had come under American domination […]

The Useful Idiocy of Donald Trump

The inability of the political establishment and the press to moderate or reform Trump’s egregious behavior is rooted in their loss of credibility […]

The Surreal World: Macedonia

Our name and identity have been misappropriated, yet the US and their favourite foreign policy pupil, Greece, accuse Macedonians of cultural misappropriation for existing as who we’ve always been — Macedonians […]

A Contribution to Biography (C.V.) of Philanthropist George Soros

A real truth on who was and is George Soros […]

NATO & the Humanitarian Dismemberment of Yugoslavia

By the year 2000, Yugoslavia had been ripped apart with NATO bombs, IMF restructuring and ethnic conflict. Serbia was destroyed and the rest of the republics were transformed into neocolonies of the Western powers […]

The US has Invaded 71 Nations since 1776

Make 4 July Independence from America Day […]

The Myth of NATO’s “Humanitarian Intervention” in Kosovo (in 1999)

Some of those currently advocating bombing Syria turn for justification to their old faithful friend “humanitarian intervention”, one of the earliest examples of which was the 1999 US and NATO bombing campaign to stop ethnic cleansing and drive Serbian forces from Kosovo […]

Kosovo: Hillary Clinton’s Legacy of Terror

The terrorist pipeline runs from Kosovo, to Iraq and Afghanistan, and then on to Syria – where they fill the ranks of ISIS and al-Qaeda […]

Robert A. Dahl on Democracy

The American political theorist and Sterling Professor of Political Science at Yale University, Robert A. Dahl (1917−2014) left in his immense scientific writing opus considerable remarks on democracy. Here, I would like to summarize his theoretical approaches to democracy […]

Global Security, the United Nations Organization and the Role of the Security Council

In this matter, a key role has got the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which was issued in 1948 and brought human rights in the sphere of international law. Probably the most important news in this area is to support the principle of “responsibility to protect” (RTP) by UNO’s the Member States but only with the UNOSC’s permission […]